Indigenous Gospel Festival: Clap ‘n Tap & AmaZion

Finetown Multipurpose Centre, Johannesburg

Indigenous Gospel Festival: Clap ‘n Tap & AmaZion



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Finetown Multipurpose Centre

Raise Your Spirits with the Indigenous Gospel Festival

Finetown Multipurpose Centre, Johannesburg 

The Indigenous Gospel Festival, by the City of Johannesburg and in partnership with the Gauteng Province Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation, is a cultural initiative that is aimed at stimulating indigenous gospel music development within the city. The Clap ‘n Tap & AmaZion ‘genres’ are some of the key cultural as well as spiritual activities that communities have consistently and relentlessly produced over the years and their involvement in the Arts Alive Festival is one of the city’s ways of recognizing their craft and is also part of the broader strategy to promote creative industries in the City of Johannesburg whiles promoting social cohesion. 

The programme has been a successful intervention to develop this musical genre and create performance platforms. 

Finetown Multipurpose Centre: 19 & 20 November 2022 — 12:00 – 18:00


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Nomgqibelo Likole —