South African Music Colloquium

The Humanities Graduate Centre Venue, South West Engineering Building, Wits University, Yale Road Entrance, Johannesburg

The South African Music Colloquium is set to deal with the current cross-cutting concerns through preparatorystudies, capacity building and policy domain in education. Followed by a debate and meeting to formulate policies that will implement South African Heritage Music school as mandatory. 

We invite distinguished specialist, researchers, and authors in the South African Landscape. 

The primary objective of the colloquium is to the facilitate the realization of the noble ideal of reintroducing art education in particular music education in institutions of basic education thereby advancing arts, culture, and heritage in society broadly. 

The programme will feature one day schools Workshops as a precursor to a sustained programmatic intervention beyond magnet schools. Our target is music students, intermediate, teachers, advanced, musicians, and aspiring musicians who despite musical experience, may not have a good understanding and exposure to South African Indigenous Styles. 

For more information, please contact:
Jacqui Jacobs —